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1 John 3:16...In Action


1 John 3:16


Take some time to reflect on 1 John 3:16. Write down the name (or a few names) of someone who you want to show Christ-like love to this week. Ask the Lord to reveal to you this week how you can be a Jesus-like-friend to them.

Reread 1 John 3:16


Take some time today to read John 15:13-17. Start your week off right…spending time with your best friend. He chose you. He is faithful to the end. “Faithful to the End” Bethel


How was your Tuesday? Did you show someone kindness, understanding, compassion, a listening ear, etc.? Did someone do that for you? My challenge for you tomorrow, is to find time during the school day to pick one of your peers to pray for in your mind. Try choosing someone you might not know very well. Making conscious choices to pray for others throughout your day builds your faith relationship with God.


How did yesterday’s challenge for today go!? Did you pray for someone today? How did it feel? How would you feel if you knew someone was praying for you throughout your day? It’s pretty incredible to be lifted up in prayer and encouraged by others. That’s how the body of Christ is supposed to function!

Read 1 Chronicles 16:11


“It’s always like springtime with you…” That is what it feels like to be in a healthy, positive, always growing relationship! That is the kind of relationship Jesus desires to have with you. Can you take some time to journal to him tonight? Tell Him what is on your mind. Talk to Him like you talk to your best friends. “This is What You Do” Bethel



Tonight is the first night of the retreat for those going on it! Take some time to read Philippians 2:4-7….this is the kind of friend we are called to be. This is how we can be a reflection of God’s love!


Find some time this weekend to talk to one person about your relationship with God.

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